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Linda Community Primary School

Linda Community Primary School is located in a compound on the outskirts of Lusaka. Linda is home to more than 20,000 people in shanty town living conditions. The AID’s epidemic has decimated the community leaving thousands of orphaned children. The school started in the late 90’s and became of interest to donors in 2002 when Sr. Claude Bradley (Mercy Sister from Co Offaly, Ireland) made visitors aware of the famine like conditions in the compound and at the school. Since then and with the help of several donors the school has grown from two classrooms to a secure school complex with 12 classrooms, two science labs, a library, computer lab and toilet blocks. The attending students has grown from 400 to 1800 and the teaching faculty from two untrained community teachers to 21 government trained teacher and 4 community teachers. The school has electricity, water and internet access.

When work started at the school in 2002 the standard of education lagged well behind government schools and very few pupils sat examinations.

Today, the school looks and feels a very different place, Students are now sitting grade 7 and grade 9 exams at the school, they attend computer and science classes in a modern and well-equipped lab’s. The classrooms have sufficient desks for the students and the complex is clean and well run.

Challenges, the lack of investment by the government and the loss of thousands of teachers from the AID’s virous, has led to a poor standard of teaching – training schools lack resources and lecturers familiar with modern teaching methods. Resources such as school books are scarcely available and when provided there is a reluctance to use them for fear of theft. Plus, teachers are trained in the “chalk and talk” methods and are not familiar with teaching students who have course specific books.

Way forward, teacher training programmes introducing modern teaching methods, improving facilities and resources in the classroom – particularly the use of audio visual equipment.  e-learning where the students can receive tuition from some of the best teachers in the world and practice question on the subject in a supportive, secure and self-paced environment.

Currently an incubator programme provided by Edulution (Lusaka based enterprise) is providing supplemental maths classes to over 600 students at the school. The improvement in maths is measurable and impressive with the school moving from way down the list in terms of the score/pass rate for the State Grade 7 exams to 3rd in the district and one student scoring the highest marks.

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School Is Not Just a Building

Building a school is like building a community. Many needs and concerns have to be addressed.


There are a lot of health issues in the community of Linda due to AID’s and  poverty in the compound. We receive assistance from  Eye Care Zambia, an Irish NGO specialists in eye care and the provision of  glasses.  Neri Clinics (another Irish NGO) provides community health care at a nearby clinic.


School equipment is on our list of priorities. We are aiming to create modern study environment by introducing  a modern computer lab and two science labs for our grade 7 to grade 9 students. Plus an elearning programme provided by Edulution, supplements the teaching of maths in a secure and fun environment using coaches, tablets linked to the Khan Academy and advanced analytical software .


Up scaling teachers qualifications and teaching techniques is essential for the Zambian students to advance in a modern world. Exchange of ideas and teaching methods  with Irish student teachers helps accelerate the process.


School is the centre of the community where the family is the building block. Helping families in need is as important as building the school. The community centre within the school complex facilitates community meetings and activities. The Community School ethos provides educational support to venerable children and welcomes back children who have left school early due to pregnancy or other family commitments.

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Our project brought together an amazing team of volunteers, community members and sponsors

Providing supplemental maths tuition through elearning  with coaches in a supportive, fun environment using the latest in technology and statistical analysis.

Supplier of  35 computers with educational content to support the teaching of computer studies in accordance with the Zambian Department of Education curriculum

Provider of funding for development (classrooms, community hall and boundary wall), maintenance of facilities, payment of community teachers and provision of school resources.

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