No hidden fees. only charges a bank transfer fee at the end of the fundraising campaign. Depending on the amount raised the fee is between 2.9% and 4% (it’s a bank processing fee).


To start your fundraising campaign and invite people to contribute to your money pot. It’s also easy to monitor and manage your donations, so you’re always up to date.


It’s easy to share your fundraising page on social media, as well as install a widget on your website or blog to ensure not a single opportunity to collect donations is missed! It’s easy to spread the word and promote your cause.


It’s important to make your fundraising campaign stand out and draw people’s attention to your cause. Personalising your money pot and describing your project increases the chances for donations.

Secure ensures that all transactions are 100% secure, thanks to its own payment system. We are an E-Money license holder and are regulated just like any other financial institution so your money is safe with us.


It takes only one click to create your money pot and start fundraising! All you need to really focus on is promoting your cause and collecting donations to bring your project to life!